Monday, October 11, 2010

Andrew's blog post.

I was informed that the last few posts did not feature enough Andrew so I went through some pictures and found some soccer shots that had not been shared and I am dedicating this post to Andrew only!!
Andrew is on the Red Dragon's he is number 11 and had a great kick!
Andrew planning strategy or talking about super heros who knows.
Andrew is always happy.
I love this shot trying to get the right direction.

The parent tunnel at the end. I LOVE his smiling face running through after each game!
A Happy and super cute little Andrew!


Brigg and Dianne said...

Love it! I am so glad you blogged some new photos! I can't believe your baby Shelby is already so big! You really should blog more, your posts are hilarious!

Rachel said...

Hey Crandalls,

Joey and Rachel here. I got an e-mail from Melanie and LOST IT! We were wanting to send you a couple pictures we have from the wedding. Can you send me your e-mail address? I'm at I didn't want to wait until the next time I see the Crandalls, so I blogspot stalked you. I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't remembered hearing Melanie talking about it.

Anyway, forgive me for staking. Sorry to use "comment space". I was out of options :)

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