Monday, October 11, 2010

Andrew's blog post.

I was informed that the last few posts did not feature enough Andrew so I went through some pictures and found some soccer shots that had not been shared and I am dedicating this post to Andrew only!!
Andrew is on the Red Dragon's he is number 11 and had a great kick!
Andrew planning strategy or talking about super heros who knows.
Andrew is always happy.
I love this shot trying to get the right direction.

The parent tunnel at the end. I LOVE his smiling face running through after each game!
A Happy and super cute little Andrew!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Super Post Part Three

O.K. here is the end-I know I blog so infrequently you are thinking it is the end of me blogging forever, but probably just for 6 months-we went to the airshow last week but left the camera in the car. That is why this post is so sparse.
It took me a few tries but I snapped this wonderful picture of Mike jumping with Shelby in his arms. Note the hair on Shelby. MIke, as you can see, has very little.
At the airshow, we sat under an FA-18 for the shade. It was blazing hot outside. The kids needed something and when Mike got up to help them he turned around quickly and forgot we were sitting under a wing. There is the evidence of the mishap 48 hours later. The wing did not receive any damage.
Are we neglecting her, possibly. Is she the cutest thing ever? Definitely.

Super Post Part Two

Here is part two. I know what you are thinking-"how could it get any better?" Well we are here to blow your mind!

Went to a Padres game. We sat on the grass, here I have just seriously devoured some nachos. For some, going to a ballgame is about the smells, the crack of the bat or the excitement in the air. For me it is nachos, kettle corn and cotton candy. Did you think Mike was the only one who loved food?
Kids rolling down the hill. Really, Petco Park where the Padres play is an incredibly fan friendly and family friendly place. You can get 5 buck tickets and the grass is great to stretch out and still see the game. The kids spent 20 minutes at this little field where employees pitched them balls and the kids hit and ran the bases. Awesome. We still love Busch stadium but this is a great place.
Shelby really is a girly girl. She lets me do her hair way better than her big sister ever did and she loves to wear jewelry and put on my shoes.
The Daddy super hug.

Super Post Part Uno

I am terrible at blogging consistently but I guess that is obvious. I know everyone says their kids are the cutest but really, ours are. So without further adieu, here are a plethora (said in an hispanic accent) of pics and a couple stories.

Here I took a very strategically croped mermaid shot of Sydney. That is a lot of hair to get washed and styled each day.
Here Shelby is giving us the what you talking bout Willis face.
Grandpas and Grandmas, try to say no to that face.
Shelby falling asleep with Prince Phillip. "Beauty" as she calls sleeping beauty, is currently her favorite movie. She literally is sleeping beauty.
Ahhhhh. Baby and Daddy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun and Games

We play video game together as a family. The kids love it, usually. As an aside we do have FHE and we do have family prayers daily-just so our parents don't think we are totally neglectful parents. Here are some fun pictures-for most of us.

Shelby is not loving video games right now. (Above) The kids dancing-below

Shelby enjoying some fake ice cream

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home Again

While we have been back in oceanside 3 months and Mike has been back about 4 I have not blogged since before he came back but I am rectifying that here. First, a sweet homecoming picture. Then Andrew learned a good lesson about electricity tonight as he stuck a spoon against the prongs of a small appliance we had plugged into the socket in the kitchen. Sparks flew, Andrew jumped and a plume of smoke went up but nobody was hurt. I think it unlikely that Andrew goes playing with the electrical outlets again. The real casualty in this story is the spoon. See for yourself.

I call this the embrace

As you can see below, this spoon has seen better days.

My favorite part of these pictures is the red crystal-lite mustache worn by Andrew. He was going for a Heath Ledger as "The Joker" look. The chocolate ice cream was actually just dessert and not part of his costume.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cousin Carson Comes!

This past weekend Papa brought Carson back to Utah with him for the weekend. My kids were so excited to show him our house and Utah. We decided to make him a sign to welcome him! The kids got to go to the bow and arrow store and Papa got kid sized bow and arrows and they shot them in the garage pretty much all weekend. We had a great time and I always love to hang with Carson he has lots of great things to say and the softest skin in the universe!!!!! Come again soon Carson!